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Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
I got a bike ;)
Keep up! I was talking about the forum as a whole.
then it should have been in soapbox as a 'moan'! ;)


New Member
I do agree Paul - Cafe and Soapbox are the life of this forum, with Know How coming in behind, then Racing and then Beginners and Commuting.

Back in the olden days, C+ was driven by Know How and Beginners, with Cakestop / Soapbox coming up behind.

I know I went to the site for the Beginners info (and Commuting), and stayed there for Cakestop.

What IHMO we need to keep this place as a genuine cycle-focused site is the ability to attract new members whether it be through racing / know how / beginners (with beginners having the broadest appeal I would suggest), and the Cafe then would come second.....

This way around, I think it may struggle. A forum with no new members is destined to stagnate.....
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