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Sadly, people i know who seem quite intelligent watch such shoot.:headshake:

I like Skol

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I'm shocked! Shocked at your surprise.

The cult of media and celebrity is an incestuous, self-feeding, self-perpetuating circus that exists only to maintain its own continuation.
The shock horrer stories are fed to the public as click-bait to stir interest and generate conversation. You are aiding this by starting this thread, it is exactly the kind of debate they want and simply serves to raise the profile of the program and the pseudo celebrity culture it pushes.

Best option is to ignore it. Let the simple folk get their kicks from it while the rest of us get on with real life and actually achieve something. If enough people ignored the culture it would quickly wither and die!

EDIT: Pretty much as @Cycleops said....
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I had to laugh at a news report tbis morning eastern region.

LGBT, rise in attacks.. They spoke to Chief Constable BJ Hutchinson.. I know
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