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I have a road bike which I am using currently and have just replaced the bottom bracket bearings. I would like to renew the headset bearings but not sure of the size. Are they all standard?


Nope; you will have to whip them out to find the markings on the bearings.


You need to find out what type of bearing it is - usually either caged or sealed.

With caged you can just replace the bearings.

If the bearings are sealed you need to find another bearing exactly the same size OD (outside diameter) ID (1 1/8th steerer or 1" steerer) and depth (v.imp ) and also make sure that both bearings are the same.

As well as these you also need to ascertain the angle of the inner and outer edges - usually printed on side of old bearing and either 36x45 or 45x45.
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