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I am looking to get my training more organised and am considering buying a HRM. I already use a Cateye computer which gives me time, distance, cadence etc so do not want any of these features included - just a HRM. I don't even want to use it as a watch (never wear one).
I was looking at the Polar FT40 which I would hope to pay less than £50 (Ebay) which seems to include all the features that I would require.
To all you HRM users out there, do you have any other suggestions of ones that I should be looking at - the cheaper the better. Many thanks.


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Not wanting to hijack but don't want to start a fresh thread either! I'm also looking at getting a cheapish HRM, but one that works with cyclemeter. Does only the Wahoo HRM work with cyclemeter, does anyone know?


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I got a Kalenji CW300 from Decathlon for around £30, not suitable for swimming as the chest strap isnt as waterproof as the polar ones. Not sure how it compares feature wise but I think its good value for money and does pretty much everything I need.

To give you a rough idea of what it does:

-Accurate Heart Rate (Would like to hope all HRM's do, this was crosschecked with heart rate monitors on the machines at the gym and also a pulse oxymeter and all are within 1-2 bpm of each other (think it may depend on the update rate))
-Several different modes (Cardio, Fat Burn (I think), Time, View exercise data (including time spent in HR zone if one has been specified)
-Alarm can be set to go off if you are outside training zone
-Stopwatch and normal watch
-User replaceable battery in watch and strap (dont think the low end Polars have this, think mid range ones do)


-Only 1 training zone can be recorded at one time
-Only 1 data file can be saved (Theres an accessory called cardio connect which allows you to download them to PC)
-Massively overestimates calories and fat burned (over a 16 mile cycle today it said I burnt ~1200 calories (This isnt important to me, the HRM seems to be geared towards running use so this may explain it)
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