Heat Rash


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I am the sort of person that, not to put too finer point on it, sweats profusely, because of this I am apt to get saddle sore on long rides. I have tried the padded pants! that are on the market but these actually exacerbate the problem by making me even hotter between the legs and constricting air flow. I have not used cream as I believe the combination of cream and sweat would add to my trouble.

Is there anybody out there that has a similar problem and has found a solution. Suggestions, short of riding with no shorts on, would be welcomed

Personally I don't suffer this, but when in full motorcycle leathers I have been known to use copious amounts of talc in the summer months to minimise stiction and discomfort.
I have exactly the same problem - I sweat buckets - I have found that lightly padded bib shorts work best for me -a pad insert that is thick or does not comform to my bottom is not good - a shorts size that fits properly so that they are not tight anywhere - both the shorts and me have to be clean - The only problems I have had riding in very hot enviroments (south of France, Italy up to 40°C ) in recent years is when I wear conventional shorts when cycling for long periods - once I have done the damage it takes time to heal

I never use cream as I too believe that it adds to the problem - I often lightly dust the shorts with plain talc in the morning - I have for a while when on tour been using foot powder instead - it may be a total coincidence but seems to help
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