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Hi all
Newbie here. I have just got back into cycling again mainly just canals and gravel paths etc. I have got a cannondale trail mountain bike but I am looking at getting a hybrid bike for what I need only problem is weigh limit as currently I am about 110kg so not sure whats suitable out there. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.


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Pretty much any bike will be fine for 110kg
what sort of bikes are you looking at, any that have caught your eye?


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Thanks for the reply been worried as couldn’t find much on weight limit. Been looking at the trek hybrids for about £500. Would you recommend no front suspension or will this be ok. The trek ones say 136kg including bike so hoping that will be fine but not sure about other brands.
If you are happy with the Cannondale, why not just change to different tyres? Best of both worlds then.
Taking this one step further, if you like the cannondale and assuming you have disk brakes, get a second set of wheels with more road focused tyres and lighter rims. That solid be cheaper than a new bike and give you more flexibility
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