Hello all.


north east
Hi, I've been a keen runner in the past but now that i'm slowing down a bit i find that i enjoy cycling much more than pounding the pavements....I have toured a bit in the past, cycled through france with my ex on a tandem and completed le jog twice....and also the pennine cycleway, which i really enjoyed...I mainly ride the old railway lines in the northeast, but i'm starting to get itchy feet again and fancy a new touring bike poss a long haul trucker or thorn sherpa (decisions decisions) Anyway thats me done... Happy cycling....


Hello, and welcome. :biggrin:
Hi cnb

Certainly impressed by your cycling exploits.

If im out on the MTB I can also be found on the likes of the sunderland/consett, derwent walk or lanchester valley railway. I'll be on a Scott Scale give me a wave:smile:


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Hello and Welcome to CC cnb. :smile:

It sounds by your intro as if you're already an experienced cyclist. :thumbsup:

All the best with the touring and remember to keep us up to date with photo's of your new bike - when you eventually decide what to get. :tongue: - :blush:
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