Hello everybody :)


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Hi everyone,

Am a returner to cycling (if there is such a thing), haven't cycled seriously for a very long time, i had a brief stint a few years ago and loved it.

A little about me, I'm 38, work as a motorcycle courier in the city and well, I’m about to jack it all in and embark on a journey that will take me to god only knows where.

As well as my personal goals of broadening my own horizons and having my own adventure, I am hoping to raise money for cancer research UK in the process.

I'm staying on two wheels, however I'm downsizing to pedal power, believe me, this in itself is going to be a bit of a miracle as currently, I'm relatively unfit and built more like a heavyweight boxer rather than a toned two wheeled athlete

I hope you guys don’t mind me posting a link to the website, I would really appreciate any exposure and help in spreading the word on the inviteforanight project.

http://www.inviteforanight.webeden.co.uk and for all the facebookers out there, there is also a group that is helping to spread the word of the inviteforanight project. Just type in inviteforanight (no spaces) in your facebook search bar and come Join the fun, invite your friends and help spread the word J

If it is unacceptable to post external links, please accept my apologies and remove the post immediately ;)

I very much look forward to meeting many of you :wacko:



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Hello Paul and Welcome to the CC forums. :biggrin:

Good luck with the charity work. :smile:


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A wise move getting out of the courier game. Hung up my lid up for te last time a couple of years ago now and can seriously say.....i dont miss it one bit!

Welcome to the forums fella.;)

P.s. I just looked at your link and see a photo of you in what looks like a Goldstar bib?? Is that who you work for?
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