Hello everyone. I am a new member.


Hello everyone, I am Fuutarou, a new member. I am riding a Viking VX750 mountain bike. I ride my bike once or twice every week currently. I want to learn any bicycle advice and suggesstions and new and any cycling knowledge. I would be happy if anyone has any anywhere in real life, websites, or apps that donate cycling items and provide free cycling service such as repair as I am currently financially struggling and I need to change and repair things of my bicycle now and then. I hope to learn a lot in and new things in this cycling forum. Nice to meet everyone.


Welcome to cycle chat. Do I detect that you are outside the UK?
You'll get loads of free advice on here - just post your troubles on here.


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Depending where you are in the country there are cycle charity places that show you how to replace and repair on a budget. There is one in Witney Oxfordshire and another in Walderslade Kent I believe.


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There used to be a good cycle cafe, repair place in Islington. Few years back now but I was told they were very good.


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Watch youtube videos till your eyes bleed... :hyper:
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