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I was looking at a post about upgrading boardman bikes.i bought a pro last year as new and used it for my coast to coast ride whitehaven to sunderland.By time i had finnshed the crank bearings were squeaking and when i put wheight on the chain goes over to touch the shifter.i was going to get rid and buy something else but my brother in law who is more experienced suggested upgrade it as the frames are good its just the cheap running gear that lets them down ...So this is why i ended up here..Any suggestions would be appreciated.nigle.IMG_0104.JPG


Sounds like it just needs a good service. You tube gives loads of tuition on diy servicing. :thumbsup:


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Hi Nigel soundslike your bike just needs a few adjustments making ! Just as stated before pop it into your LBS (local bike shop) or take a peek on you tube,most are quie simple to do but if you don't fel confident to atempt it yourself then bike shop would be order of the day.
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