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Kings Lynn
Just wanted to say Hi, my name is Martin, I live in West Norfolk. I used to cycle a lot in my late teens early twenties, on my 1986 Peugeot Triathlon, which got hung up in the shed about twenty years ago, but 3 yrs ago I had a stroke (aged 47) and needed something to get me fit again, so obviously i took up cycling again. the Peugeot was not in a good state, and the frame is currently being powder coated, waiting for new parts to be fitted and converted to a flat bar. I also own an old alloy framed mountain bike (brand unknown), a 2014 Raleigh Revenio 1, and a 2014 Dawes Giro 300 which I use as a winter trainer.

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Hi plumster that was my nickname at school (surname Plummer) but plumster stuck
I also restarted cycling after 25 years enjoy your riding


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Hello and welcome to CycleChat :welcome:


Rural Kent
Hi and welcome. Lots of choice of bike there! Nothing like cycling to keep you healthy so I should think taking it up again after a stroke was ideal.
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