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All this is very new and it's a bit late for me to be up at this hour so I must away shortly!
I'm in the Midlands and am revving up to buy a new bike. I went along to Evans Cycles in Birmingham who were very helpful indeed.
I think I want a road bike (was looking at a Pinnacle) with some thicker tyres for the occasional canal tow path - would this work do you think?
Anyway, as I said, must away now...
Hello Cyclechick! :becool:


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Welcome. In regards to the bike you can use a road bike on a rough path but it can get quite bumpy and jittery to control if your not use to it.


Hey, Chick, greetings and welcome. :biggrin:

A road bike with bigger tyres should work on canal tow paths, but you'd need to make sure that all the clearances (frame, forks, brakes etc) would work with the bigger tyres. Alternatively, you could look for a cyclo-cross style bike. They are designed to take the bigger tyres and some come with mountain bike gearing and components to better handle non-tarmac riding. It depends where your priorities are and where you'll do most of your riding, though, as cyclo-cross tyres could be a tad slower on tarmac - although the difference may not be noticeable.
Hi cyclechick :sad: to cc forums

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Depends on which canal towpaths you are using.

I've got a road bike with thin wheels, and don't have a problem on the stretch from New Canal Street to Aston. Although I am enjoying road riding a lot more now I have a faster bike (and body too).

Biggest problem at the moment is geese.
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