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Hi everyone. I'm planning to do my first bike tour-- starting next month in Amsterdam, heading up the Rhine, and then going east to Budapest, west to Lyon and the Rhone, or south east across Bavaria and Austria to Northern Italy. Feeling a bit nervous-- but I felt that way before a successful walk across Spain two years ago, and it wouldn't really be an adventure without some nerves, right?

The two bikes I own aren't good fits for touring, so I'm planning to buy something at start of tour and probably sell it after. If anyone here has recommendations for local bike shops and/or retail chains in Amsterdam, please share. Thanks in advance :smile:
not trying to rain on your parade, I wish you well but I wouldn't consider it a good idea to buy a bike the same day you start to tour, I would want a good few rides to tweak and make sure it was set up right for me, however if it works for you then that's fine.
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Well, Decathlon stores are everywhere in Europe and their bikes get generally very good reviews... are you after a road bike or hybrid? Something like this might do the trick, but as @roadrash said, you'd need to make sure it had been put together properly and spend some time getting it dialled in. The good thing about Decathlon is that if you had any probs with it on your trip, there would probably be a store you could call into with it not too far away.

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I agree with the posts above.
You really need to ride a new bike for a good few miles first, tweak it to your satisfaction, before embarking on mega miles.
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