hello from bradford

hello everyone im from bradford just got myself a paul milnes cx bike i do alot of cycling on canal but lookin to get in to cyclocross and sum longer distance riding also lookin for people or maybe even a club to join in bradford im from allerton but usuall set of on my cycles from bingley on the canal only been doin 15 to 20 miles on my old mb but when my cx bike arrives will be looking at upin the distance quite a bit so if there is any one in my local are or no of any clubs in my local are please get in touch and safe riding every1

Steve H

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Hi Ben - welcome aboard. I'm not too far away from you in Brighouse and there are quite a few others on here in the Yorkshire area. I'm still fairly new to cycling as well. I've been riding along the canal from Brighouse to Sowerby Bridge and Hebden Bridge. I've not ventured over your way, but if I remember rightly you can get from Bingley all the way into Leeds on the canal bank??

I haven't really looked into clubs in the area yet, as think I need to build my base fitness up a bit first, but I'm sure there are plenty of people on the forums that can point you in the right direction.


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hi too both of you and yes steve you can go from bingley to leeds its about 14 miles i think iv done this a few nights now and i can do it under two hours there and back on my pld mountain bike so cant wait to see how quick i do it on my new cyclocross on thursday night


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Hi Ben, I am about 5 miles from you (Cullingworth) but only a feeble woman and even 20 miles is beyond my range so far - too many hills, you know what it's like!

If you do a google search using the term "cycle routes Bingley" you get quite a few interesting suggestions. The one which has caught my eye goes from Bingley through Keighley, to Silsden over the hill to Addingham, along to Ilkley then Otley, up the hill to Menston and Hawksworth, over the moors and back down through Eldwick into Bingley. 30 miles I think - something for me to aim for in the summer (that'll probaby be 2012!)


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near Hornsea
Welcome Ben. I'm originally from Bradford & used to cycle through Allerton on my occasional commute, Great Horton to Wilsden. Moved to East Yorks now & the cycling is much better, not many hills :sad:
There's a few on here from your neck of the woods, keep an eye out for a CC ride in west yorks, they are normally at a nice steady pace. Might even pop over for one in West Yorks some time myself


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Hi Ben, And welcome.
Good choice of bike. I too have a Paul Milnes CX bike and have used it daily for over 2 years now and it's still rides like the day I bought it.

I also live in Bradford and regularly ride out into the Dales every Sunday via the Aire Valley (on road) but there are also quite a few clubs around here. Pennine Cycles (Thornton Rd) have a decent club, so I've heard, (not far from you either). :sad:


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hi every one thanks for the warm welcome
bearpear im sure you will be able to do the 30 miles by the time the summer comes if we get one that is i couldnt believe i was caple of twenty miles only a couple of weeks back and now its not that much of a challange now even on my old mountain bike but it is on canal wich is quite flat apart fromthe five and three rise locks good look with your aim and will probbably see you out and about on bike as i will be headin out towards cullingworth as to get to howarth and out that way

hi soltdog dont think il be able to keep up with the cc riders just yet but my aim is to be able to for next year i really do want to learn the real cc riding can you suggest any where where they might teach or have begginers groups cheers m8

hi zaid chhers for the info on the bike it nice to know that other people can recomend them i will also be doin a bit of rpad riding i like the thought of headin the way you said out through skipton and so on no doubt youl see me toodeling along be sure to say hello when you pass me im on a blue and yellow paul milnes


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bradfordben said:
blue and yellow paul milnes
Ditto :biggrin:
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