Hello from Colchester


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Hi All
Started out on the road this year, lost two stone, no real dieting (down to a slim 17st now :evil:)
Doing about 100 miles or so a week (1200 miles in total circa 16.5mph avg), been out four times on the local shop ride (53-12 super good shop and ride 18mph avg)
Started on a Sirrus I had from a few years back but quickly got the road bug and bought an Allez sport and have already got the bug with better tyres etc etc.
See ya around
Hello Steve - welcome to the fat boys club athlete's paradise! :evil:
Check out the informal rides threads - plenty of Essex action near you, (although Auntie Helen is off to Germany for a month so rides will dwindle 'out in the sticks'!)
Happy cycling!
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