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Hi Everyone

My name is Steve. I'm from Saltash in Cornwall. I've always cycled from an early age. I really got into it more as a teenager and young adult.

I've not ridden a bicycle since 2003 as I lost a sufficient amount of sight. I've always had dodge eye sight but this time it meant I no longer had enough sight to ride solo.

This year I decided that I wanted to get back into cycling and I bought a Tandem. A Dawes Galaxy Twin built in about 1994. Unfortunately, I'm still looking for someone to ride with me as the front rider (Captain) with me as the Stoker. I've ridden a tandem a long time ago from Cornwall to the Isle of Man for a charity event with the Cornwall Young Farmer back in the mid 80's. A very long time ago.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you all.


Saltash, Cornwall



Fast and careful!
Welcome along to cyclechat


Hello, I joined today as well but from what I have seen you are almost certain to get quick and helpful replies!

Good luck on finding a Captain.


What is normal anyway
N Devon
:welcome: Tamerstone. Good luck with your hunt for a 'Captain' and maybe some members here will be able to tell you some good places to hunt out your goal.


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Welcome and Good luck :smile:
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