Hello from Gerhard in Walthamstow



I just joined cycle chat after I came across it looking to buy a bike - an old teenage love affair, Puch Mistral

Living in London cycling has become a daily routine for me. Just why not everyone is doing it is beyond me. Once you experience the freedom and flexibility it gives there really is no other transport option for this great city.

Ok, I admit it, I'm also a cycling campaigner for the London Cycling Campaign, the organisation that for the last 30 and a bit years has quietly turned London into a cycling city and never made a big fuss about it.

Although I make a point of cycling as a mode of transport rather than a sporting activity, I still relish my mountain biking days and one day I'll take it up again.

Looking forward to the chat



Klingon on a bike
Welcome to the forums, Gerhard. ;)

So, what do you have in mind bike-wise for purchase? There's certainly plenty of choice out there these days. I'm currently on a rather heavy Trek 7200 but I'm looking to get something lighter, probably a Secteur Elite.
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