Hello from Hull


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Hi all. :wacko:

I haven't ridden a bike in about ten years, but recently on a bit of a whim I decided to look into getting one, found out about the Cycle to Work scheme, and ended up choosing a Claud Butler Summer Bay: http://www.falconcycles.co.uk/Corporate/CB/SummerBay.shtml

What do you think to it? Not knowing anything about bikes (and being a girl) I will admit that I chose it based on looks and price range. (Not so cheap that it will be super low quality, but not so expensive that it will be a huge target to thieves.)

While I'm waiting for my C2W voucher to arrive I'm riding a borrowed men's mountain bike with broken gears. It's not the greatest of experiences, as it's stuck in a low gear and the saddle is horrific, but despite only planning to ride it a few times to remind myself of how to ride without wobbling, and how to ride in traffic, I've been using it to get around everywhere for the last week! I'm really enjoying everything about biking apart from the sore bum, which I'm hoping will ease up when I get my own bike.

So how do you do, nice to meet you. I hope you're all nicer than the White Van Man who decided to squish me against a parked car on my first ever ride. :tongue:


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near Hornsea
Welcome Taxing :tongue:
I cycle to work in Hull quite often & incidents like you've had with the white van man don't tend to happen too often. I find most drivers round here quite good with 'us' :wacko:
The bike looks ok, far better than a £70 offering from the supermarket :sad: & you're rear end will get used to the saddle after a while. Keep enjoying it :smile:


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Your backside will get a hardened shell the more you ride ! welcome to the made world of cycle commuting,it's great untill a motorised thing makes a mistake that involves you !


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Thank you! I do regard the White Van Man incident as a bit of a one off, it's the only time it has happened to me so far, I've been riding in rush hour traffic and all sorts and pretty much everyone else has been nice. Or at least not psychotic.


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Another hello,

Your rear will adapt, though a pair of cycling shorts may not be a bad idea even if you wear them under your normal clothes.

Looks a solid bike for the flatness of the area, though you may wish to have chosen gears in the long run.

Cycle to Work scheme looks a great, we've just got one and the deal is excellent
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