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Hi, Y'all. I've just started cycling again after couple year break. I ride a lovely 15 yr old Orange P7 - Mainly on road - almost all UPHILL! Doing Coast and Castles run (Newcastle to Edinburgh) in couple weeks. Here's the rub -
I have just had the 21 gear chain set changed (due to sheared teeth ). The new gearing is substantially different - making the ride significantly harder on flat & uphill but faster downhill. I have contacted the shop where the work was carried out. They tell me that the gear fitted is the only one available for the 21 gears that I have. Can I do anything to rectify this situation? My lovely little racehorse has turned in to a donkey!

You're basically after a larger cassette to improve climbing.
Try the net there's lots of different ones out there, chain reactions would be my first visit but don't hesitate to shop around.


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Thanks for all your responses. I've been doing my homework - resulting in advice from Orange that original rear cassette would have been 12-32 or 34. So I have replaced the 12-28 (fitted by On Yer Bike) with Shimano 11 - 34 which was available from very helpful Parkers of Bolton. They directed me to www.bicycletutor.com. I have now adjusted my rear derailleur and skipping gear problem seems resolved. Incidentally, I had Slime tyre protectors fitted when bike in for service. Next two rides out saw me with a flat on front then rear :sad:. Needles to say protectors now back on the shelf!


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Hi Pliny, glad you got it sorted out. I am very familiar with OYB in Burnley and Blackburn. I can't understand why they didn't fit one of the excellent modern compact Hollowtech type chainsets, which are stiffer due to the axle design and the smaller rings actually allow you to use a wider range of gears. After years of flogging an old-style MTB chainset I went over recently to compact and wished I'd done it years ago.

Did you know that there is an active MTB club based in Blackburn? It's called Blackburn Bikers (surprise surprise!) and the website is: http://www.alexbarnes1653.webspace.virginmedia.com/bikes/ tell them Ben sent you!

Edit: just re-read your post and it looks as if I misunderstood and they fitted a new cassette for you?
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