Hello from Lincolnshire

Hi all.

Recently bought a Giant hybrid (I think you call it) to help shift some (a lot actually) weight.
Realised that I have to actually ride it to get the full benefits.
Cycled almost 8 miles this morning (A lot for me), so figured time to get help and advice from people with more knowledge and fitness than me :smile:

Lets see how good you are....

First question is regarding cycling shoes and sizes...

Figure Ebay to be the cheapest place to buy, but do not have anywhere I can try some shoes to see what size I would need, as a lot of listings say the cycling shoes measure up small.

Depending on trainer make, I am anywhere between an 8 and 9 normally.
Is there a way to know without trying what size cycle shoe to buy???

And yes, I have already bought the peddles to fit once I get the shoes..


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Hello Snails Pace and Welcome to the CC forums. :blush:


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Hi snailspace,

Welcome aboard.:laugh:

As for cycling shoes..... definately try them on before you buy. Your poor feet will be taking lots of punishment on longer rides, not as much as a runners it's true but if the shoe is tight with not enough toe room you will be very, very sorry. Just the same as if it is loose.

Getting them from a local bike shop may cost you a bit more but it will be money well spent if you get a well fitting pair from the off. You really don't have to spend lots of cash to get a reasonable pair.

Are you going to be using clipless pedals? (Confusing term if you aren't au fait with cycling gear in that they actually clip to the pedal)

Whatever you are using go for a shoe with a nice firm sole that won't be flexing and bending as you push on the pedal. That really does make for aching feet after very few miles.

I take size 8 shoes and the two pairs of shoes I have for cycling are both 8 1/2 in size.

Other than that.............enjoy your cycling.

That 8 miles will pretty soon turn into 10, 20, 30 and more.:ohmy::biggrin::biggrin:
Thanks Colly,

Bike shop it is then. Now, to speak nicely to wife to get the cash.

As for pedals, I have a set of Shimano that came with cleats (little ones I believe SPD), so realise shoe has to be compatible.

Any recommendations on make of shoe to get. Would be nice to have a silver pair as bike is silver, but not too fussed if not.


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If you have never used clipless pedals be sure to practice where it's safe. :angry:

I'm sure you will have worked that one out already but just in case. Even those who are used to them have 'clipless moments'.

And make sure the cleat is well fixed onto the shoe. I once had the bright idea that I would get the positioning right by fixing them slightly loose on the shoe and then would tighten the screws up when I was sure they felt right on the bike.:angry::sad:
The next 10 mins were spent hanging onto the garden fence unable to get my feet off the pedals. :biggrin::biggrin:

Gerry Attrick

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Likewise welcome Snailspace. Carry on like this, and we yellowbellies will soon become masters of the forum, able to wrest control from the evil tribes over t'watter, sneer at their inability to pronounce "dry white wine", scoff at their lack of success in the world whaling championships and feign sorrow when we remind ourselves where John Prescott lives.......haha..........ha ha ha.........ha ha ha ha....etc.:rofl:
Hello yellowbellies :rofl:

I am pretty much in the centre of the Lincoln/Sleaford/Boston triangle.

Spent all night looking at cycle shoes, so first proper question will be posted soon on the forum.
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