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Long time lurker here but thought it was time to stop being rude and say hello.
Bit about me, relative newbie who got back into biking with the kids etc, really enjoyed it and for the last few years been doing 10 to 15 mile rides on a mountain bike mostly along canal and river banks locally. Bit by bit I got a little fitter and can now complete my 10 mile usual circuit in 45 mins, when I started it took over an hour....
I want to extend myself a bit more and get into road cycling so the cycle to work scheme at work has tempted me and I have ordered a Specialized Secteur as my first roadie as the less radical geometry better suits my 44 year old frame lol.
Any useful tips on realistic goals I can set to build up for a possible 100 mile ride next summer.




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Welcome to CC from a dark and cloudy Swadlincote !
If your planning to ride longer distances i would advise finding your local cycle club /ctc and joining them for rides and build up from their as they will be a gold mine of information and motivation once you can meet their minium standard for a ride, my local club in burton on trent has a slow group that does 40 miles or so on a sunday and averages 15 -16 mph .
couple in long eaton, your best to contact them and see what sort of riding they do..


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Practise practise practise, just get out as much as you can and ride.
Thats what the pro's do, they need to do regular cycling to keep ticking over.

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The main thing is just to try and enjoy what you do, as the more you enjoy it the more you will ride and the fitter you will get and the easier it becomes the further you go. Don't get too hung up on achieving big miles yet just smile and ride..... P.S hi and welcome to the forum
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