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Hello Caps, and thank you for having me! Following an accident involving a paralysed arm for a while, I am a born-again cyclist. I work in the machine shop at Herts Uni, and took lodgings just down the road. A couple of years ago a group of my students left behind a British Eagle hybrid bike- with stoved forks, which I adopted.

Of course the only original components left are the frame and forks, I don't like steel components, didn't need 18 speeds, and build my own wheels. My left hand is too weak for cantilever brakes, I have a Sturmey-Archer fetish, so one of their RXL-RD5 hubs offered a braking solution in a five speed form.

Except the hub has no third gear, and 5th gear slips and crunches. The rotary adjustment has been checked and rechecked, the cable is perfectly free and yet the 3rd gear, annoyingly remains absent- completely.

I had the hub on the bench for 6-8 months while I bought the rims, spokes and front hub; I've lost the receipt, so I'm askind advice as none is available elsewhere.

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Hi There,
Don't know anything about these myself but found the attached pics, you may already have them, if so they may be some members with first-hand knowledge on here!
Good Luck... :okay:

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