Hello from manchester


Hi all,

another newbie here... another fat around the middle just turned 30 who has turned to cycling to burn the mid rift away!

Did the manchester to blackpool ride on a ridgeback MX25 and got trashed by friends on roadbikes (and everybody else!)

so i decided to get a roadbike... but as my recreational cycling is on canal paths etc i then got persuaded that wasn't my best plan.... so i've bought a boardman team hybrid (i think) frame and im going to make something usable out of that.... hopefully!

but more on that to follow soon....




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Welcome and well done on the Manc-Blackpool ride especially on an MTB ! Just add slik tyres like i have done to my Specialized Rockhopper,it makes a big difference.Boardman bikes are brilliant,i have a fixie.I ride tow paths on my other bike,a Speciaized Sirrus hybrid so it should be no problem for you.Which bit of Manchester are you from ?


Thanks.... I live in central Manchester near bridgewater hall. It's so easy to jump on the canals.

I did have slick tyres on the ridgeback.... And I know my fitness isn't amazing but I have plenty of power (too much time doing squats in the gym) - but there were times when I was so slow. Just after we left haigh hall on the Manc to Blackpool we were going downhill, my mate was freewheeling in a road bike and I was pedalling hard in top gear and couldn't keep up!!!

Currently on a steep learning curve... I was hoping to strip some stuff off the ridgeback and an old dual suspension mountain bike, but it looks like buying all new is going to be necessary!

In my other post I've put up pictures of the frame I've bought which hopefully someone can identify!


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Bury, Manchester
Hello back, from manchester. I remember doing the Manchester to Blackpool on my heavy mountain bike whilst someone I were with was using a road bike, the difficulty difference seemed huge.


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The canals are becoming nice places to ride around Manchester,cannot wait till all the paths are sorted and we can ride traffic free all over the place.i am over near the Bridgewater canal at Worsley and they are improving the pathway towards Leigh and on to pie-eater central at Wigan...good times for cyclists ! Did you get to ride the Skyride last weekend ?
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