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Hi guys,

Im brand new to the cycling world and have just moved to Manchester from Glasgow with my girlfriend who is also brand new to the cycling world.

I have inherited a bike from a friend which is almost brand new, think its only been ridden once, Same as the picture below, I know it not feather light and costs as much as my house but hopefully it will do till I get the cycling bug!

Just looking to see if anybody has any advice on any good routes local to Manchester, suitable for total beginners and preferably off/quiet road.





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Hey there

Welcome to Manchester, I dont know many routes around, I just ride where I feel like then ride home, so cant help you much.

Its a busy city, so act smart and be safe! :becool:


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Here is my prediction:

You will ride that bike for a few days then realise that it is impossibly heavy. You will walk into Bicycle Doctor or Harry Hall or Cookson Cycles or Evans at Trashy Park (depending on where you live) and be smitten with a lovely entry-level hardtail MTB at around £300, which you will fit with on/offroad tyres and ride like a nutter all over the place. Then you will realise you are getting fitter and stronger and you really actually want an even lighter faster bike and you will walk into Bicycle Doctor or....

(Repeat until your bank account is drained.)


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Where abouts are you based? I do a roughly 35 mile ride from Stretford -> Chorlton -> Disdbury -> Cheadle -> Wilmslow -> Man Airport -> Hale -> Altrincham -> Dunham Massey -> Partington -> Carrington -> Flixton -> Urmston -> Stretford :wacko:

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Welcome to our patch. For cycle rides south of Manchester, hop on a train first to get away from the Chelsea tractors around the footballer zone.

Northern train to Stoke and the one to Chester both give you access to quiet lanes and parts of the Cheshire Cycleway if you want a signposted route. Also the Chester train stops in Delamere Forest (request stop at Delamere) if you want off-road routes.

Northern are relaxed about bikes - no booking needed - but avoid rush hour as passengers are less relaxed when too close too a mucky chain. For the 3-carriage trains to Stoke, look for the middle carriage and the door marked with a wheelchair or cycle symbol (forget which it is) as there are two lots of tip-up seats there. This area fills up with BMXers going to/from Stockport during half term (why? where are they going?), but you can always stand in any doorway with your bike. The 2-carriage trains to Chester have loads of space at one end.

Have fun.
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