Hello from many, many miles away!

Hi all on cyclechat,
this seems to be the place for introductions so here goes..
i'm justin, 39 going on 40 and am currently living in Auckland, New zealand - many, many miles away from blighty.
I'm originally from Devon and have been here for 3 and a half years but will be moving back home in early 2011 (and shipping back some bikes which will be a bit of a headache!:laugh:
I've been into cycling (in many forms) for years starting off with BMX as most kids in the 80s did, then saved up for a Carlton road bike, clocking up a fair bit of mileage on that. A year or two bikeless and then more BMXing a Ribble Scandium road bike and currently i have the following:
- 2009 Bob Jackson 631 vigorelli fixed/free with full mudguards for commuting and flattish training
- 1979/80 Gazelle champion mondial with modern campagnolo 10 speed and full guards (to be repainted as it got a factory respray at some point)
- 1990? Dave Russell 653 road bike - will be restored and built up with Record Carbon 10 speed when i return to the UK.

I love cycling including sportives, solo rides, commuting etc and am looking to join a road club and do some proper club rides etc when i return ;)

anyway that's me!


Cycling Skoda lover
Welcome to the madhouse Justin,how does NZ hills compare with the ones you left in Devon ??
Hi there you lucky person, welcome to CC! I love Auckland (and the rest of NZ), would really like to go back after spending about a 1 1/2 months there a few years ago - is Ponsonby Fish&Chips still around???? :smile:


Thanks all,
skudupnorth - the hills around Auckland are pretty steep but not that long - the city is built around a few volcanoes so the landscape is pretty fluid (if thats the right word!) - i used to live near Torquay and had a hilly commute and rode a bit up on dartmoor so am used to draggy uphills and fast downhills! i did a ride round a mountain in Taranki and that was mindblowing - amazing views!
Punkypossum - yep it's still there - i actually work on Ponsonby road and live in grey lynn so that's a few minutes away from me. i can often be found sampling the fish and chips over here - no cod though , they usually have snapper and tarakihi fillets and REALLY annoying for us ex-pats NO VINEGAR!! we have to take our own and you get quite odd looks from the locals..
we'll be living up in merseyside for a year when we get back - i fancy trying the Liverpool Century CC for a local club - does anyone have any experience of them?

Yo Justin wassap.
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