Hello from (near) Glasgow


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Aged 36, and looking to get fit.

Took my £80 mountain bike out a few weeks ago and did a few miles here and there (the most being 7 miles).

A friend gave me his road bike (with flat handle bars though) .... WOW .... completely hooked. I think I will get a hybrid all the same as I want to start communting, but absolutely love what a good bike feels like compared to my BSO :blush:

Loving this forum and some of the threads are extremely helpful.




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Hi James, and welcome to the forum. As you said there is lots of good info to be found and lots of good advice. Enjoy the cycling, you will get fitter, I have been cycling now for just over 1 year and have lost a lot of the excess weight that I was carrying.


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Hello and Welcome to the CC forums James. :tongue:

I'm sure you'll get good advice on here regards what hybrid to choose once you decide on budget etc. :blush:

Good luck with the cycling.
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