Hello from rural Indiana, USA.

welsh dragon

Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll pass.
Hello. Welcome to the forum :welcome:


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Welcome! My girlfriend is a Hoosier as well, living up in Kendallville. Glad to see that your weather is finally coming out of the Ice Age :-)

Glow worm

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Near Newmarket
I may be one of the senior citizens here at 70 but my legs work very well thanks to my cycling. I'm looking forward to being a member here.
Welcome aboard! As a kid I spent the summers of '74 and '76 in Bloomington Indiana and loved every minute (my Dad was working there) . I can still remember the sound of the tornado warning to this day. Great part of the world with some very 'big' weather!.


Lovely stuff
That London
Hello Boogity, and welcome!
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