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Hi All,
Been cycling since I was about 10 (must stop soon I'm knackered:tongue:)
57 now, just taken up triathlons. Stumbled across this site while wondering why somebody nicked my wife's Ridgeback last week. Hence, the posting on Stolen Bikes.

Love the TDF, follow a couple of stages of the Giro each year combining with holiday in Italy. Went to Amsterdam for the start this year. Commute on the bike when I'm working in London. Doing the bike leg of a relay sprint in the London Tri this year.

Apart from that, go to work, pay my mortgage like the rest of us I suppose.

Some of you may recognise the Moniker :thumbsdown: (I've only borrowed it)

For anybody interested I ride a BH Race One on Sundays, and a RidgeBack Speed to get to work on. I've also got a RidgeBack Classic (531 tubing) about 18 years old in mint condition, and I use my Brompton now and then.




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New Eltham
Depends, sometimes we put the bikes on the roof and drive down to somewhere like Edenbridge, Tenterden, or Canterbury way, but usually ride out to Keston, Biggin Hill, St. Mary Cray area. Usually just far enough to get out of the metropolis.

I spotted the informal rides section, I'll keep an eye on it.
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