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L’Aquila Italy

I’m new to the forum but have been collecting and restoring bikes for a while and currently have 12 in my collection. Living in Shanghai half the year and Italy the rest so only get chance to play when back in Europe, too polluted and dangerous on Chinese roads for my liking.

Main collection are Carlton’s including a 1939 Flyer that is part finished, always find acquiring period parts tough but nearly there on this one including wooden rims. My current favourite is a 1959 Carlton Franco Italia, totally original including the twin cable RD which seems quite good once you work it out. Another great bike is my 1970 Lambert GP, totally restored including the original Mk1 forks aka “Death Forks” which I’m reluctant to use and have some Tange chromed forks to fit so it’s safer.

Looking forwards to using the forum!


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