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Hi all,

i am back in the saddle after a year long lay off, after a 20 year layoff before that. I suppose last years attempt was on the back of the Grande depart which our region did wonders for, and now we have the Tour de Yorkshire, so being a Yorkshireman in my early fifties with a small amount of excess to shift i bought myself a decent hybrid. I got a used (once) Claud Butler Voyager for the meagre sum of £100, i am impressed, it is a dream to ride, although i am still getting my head around the 27 gears!, anyway, can anyone tell me what if any problems i may encounter during my ownership of the beast? The bike has been used for a coast to coast ride before i bought it, and its condition would indicate that this is all it has been used for, everything works perfectly, so i will be planning on keeping it maintained properly, not by me. How often do they need servicing, and what signs will tell me when things start to need attention. Any advice from the more learned amongst you would be appreciated.


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Hello :welcome:
Glad you're back in the saddle and enjoying :bicycle:
I'm no mechanic but you'll get to know the bike and when something needs attention.
Just keep it clean and lubed and should be ok. :smile:



Not much in the way of routine maintenance. Keep the chain clean and lubed, check brake pad wear, make sure what should be tight stays tight and it should be very easy to live with.


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As above, keep it clean and keep it lubed, and if you can teach yourself to tweak the gears and brakes when needed and repair a puncture, then that should cover most of your bases. There's plenty of good videos on Youtube showing how to do this.

If you have any specific questions, then post them up in the "Bike Mechanics and Cycle Repairs [Tech Know How]" part of the forum on here.
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