Hello from the Philippines. God bless!

i am male 60 years old from the philippines. i live cycling and we have a local group called surahan riders but most of the members are young and into mtb. i have a friend who fixed paint and rehab old bikes and we are happy to scour junk shops for vintage bikes frame and make them functional and sell them cheap to friends who also wanted to ride but have no quality bikes. old bikes are more reliable than brand new ones whose lifespan is very short. thanks for accepting me in this forum. all my best wishes.



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Welcome ulnuk.
Thank you Sirs / Maam for your warm welcome. I wish you all well. I wonder if you could help me identify what carlton model i have. the state when i got hold of its frame has an itm stem post stucked on the fork. it needed the help of an experience machinist but to no avail. i ended up with another used fork from a diamond back vintage bike and a drop bar from an old roadman japanese bike made by bridgestone. i used it with this set-up and now am having it repainted and when it was stripped off of this paint, that 5 digit number on the left drop out appeared. searching it thru the net led me to this wonderful forum. And as one welcomed me and said he also is from the same neighbourhood i felt home. Thanks again guys.


I also want to share with you my classic mercier which a friend bought for me and in now enroute to the philippines from california. i also wonder what model and year made could this be. any help would be highly appreciated. all my best. God bless.


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