Hello from the sunny North East!


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Hi folks

Just joined in from Middlesbrough.
I have 3 bikes (much to my wifes disgust - but I honestly think the hall would be too stark without a bike in it :rolleyes: ) but rarely ride 2 of them as I love my Trek District too much!

Could I ask a question....I want to buy a retro 24 or 25" Raleigh like one I had back in the 70's to do a long distance charity ride from 'Boro to Weymouth next year - do they come up on the forum very often or is ebay my better bet?



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Welcome o the mad house from up the road ... yes Ebay is a good bet for bagging an old raleigh :thumbsup:


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Hi there,

I bought a couple of second hands bikes last week from a site called 'Preloved.co.uk'. They had many decent bikes and some that fit your requirements. Well worth a look!


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Hi there

I am another Teessider (Stockton) living in excile down in Cheshire. Just joined here myself having got back into cycling after a 30 yr absence. Have a new roadbike which is pretty good but have just bought a Carlton (the bike of my youth) to restore. Definately a mid life crisis.

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