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How do, recently moved from the shadows of the old Raleigh Factories in Nottingham to the West Midlands.

I'm currently in the process of rebuilding a Raleigh Record Sprint.

I was originally going to get it sprayed from a former Raleigh employee who has setup shop in Ilkeston (Ilson), restickered, however the company up north in Cumbria that does the Raleigh bike stickers only does the Raleigh Record and not the Raleigh Record Sprint ones, however they also do the Reynolds type stickers.

Been in contact with Raleigh and asked if they would consider reproducing the retro stickers in return of a frame number and only accessible via Raleigh dealers or direct from Raleigh due to a number of people restoring old Raleighs as Fixies etc. They are considering it....

Sadly my one doesn't have the original gold Weinmann brake calipers, like I had on my original, back when I was a mere teenager, however the ones on my current are Weinmann, but looking to replace with a set of Dia Compre Gold ones, as Weinmann folded back in 2001/2002, and some poor used ones on Ebay not whetting my appetite. Dia Compre have been going longer and Weinmann have always copied Dia Compre. However I might go for Campagnolo.

Currently have a triple crank which is unidentified and a campagnolo rear mech. It currently has a shimano 6 speed cassette on the back, but recently aquired a brandnew 6 speed 11-24 shimano for 99p off ebay. I have 34inch inside leg so speed is paramount for me. Since 2000 I have been riding motorbikes, and put on a few inches around the waist, which need to come off. Now that I am working in the West Midlands, I can cycle to work, as petrol is more expensive out here.

Outer brake cables are gold and fraying, so looking at replacing with some Gold Jagwire ones.

Might replace the frame gear levers for some Campagnolo curved ones, perhaps might go indexed...

Would like to go for the combined Brake and Gear Lever system, but it loses the asphetic look of the bike.

However I am looking at giving the bike a bit of retro and modern twist. Modern being a 400mm lightweight seatpost by BBB and an RSP lightweight seat, Shame they only have the Lightest ones in White.

Used to take apart and rebuild Raleighs from a young age till my late teens, partially due to neighbours working at Raleigh, and being given a lot stuff and shown how to do things. Only thing I have never been able to do is build my own wheels.

But luckily these current wheels are true... ish....... Looking for Mavic V rims, but happy to stick with the current ones for the time being.

Going for Maxxis Tyres, as I have used Maxxis on my motorbikes over the years and had over 10,000 from the rears and 20,000 from the fronts. Doing over 1000 mile a week to work and and back, I have found Maxxis who originally started off in the 60's as manufacturer tyres of bicycles.

That's about it for the time being. But a full strip down will occur over Xmas for a full on service of hubs, bottom bracket and headset and check the bearings.

Oh and I have had to replace the original beartrap pedals with some new ones with cycle clips, as sadly having size 13UK feet, cycle shoes have always been a problem in sourcing since the late teens as I have long and wide feet. So I have always had to have Reebok or Hi Tec trainers.

At the moment sourcing cycle lights, as I have twin lights and use HIDs that operate at just short of 10k lumens each, with extra spots. I still get cars pull out in front of me.

So the difference in brightness will be a bit of come down for me :smile:

Ride Safe, maintain that defencive lane position and always do your shoulder checks.


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