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Hi everyone,

Just bought i bike on the weekend...it's been about 12-13yrs since i rode a bike [back in uni days], so i am really looking forward to getting back into it.

I am hoping to use it [after getting my fitness up] to commute to work which is approx 15.5 miles...is this crazy? or Should i have more modest aims?

Also how do i work out the best cycle route traveling from Wakefield to Brighouse?

any ideas let me know


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15.5 miles is eminently do-able, though the hills round Wakey might make it feel considerably longer. After a while you won't even notice it :evil: .


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:bicycle:HI, doing something similar myself (with partner), ours is just under 14 miles.

We have gone from going to the gym (and on my behalf merely pottering round there) to this commute about 3 times a week currently, will prob up that to 4 - 5 when stamina and recovery times increase and decrease respectively.

I would say go for it, eat the right types of energy foods, and crack on. We are loving it at the mo. (see how long it lasts mind :biggrin: )


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Wakefield to Brighouse? I'd suggest your best route would be Ossett, Dewsbury, Ravensthorpe, Mirfield, Brighouse. About 15 miles with a lumpy bit between Dewsbury and Wakefield.

You could avoid some of the worst bits of Huddersfield Road in Ravensthorpe by riding the Calder valley Greenway. It's all tarmac, so doable on a roadbike. I used to commute from Deighton to Dewsbury all the way on the Greenway.

If you wanted to split it into more manageable lumps park up or train it to Mirfield and ride in from there.

Other alternatives would be to find somewhere to park up near Cleckheaton or wherever.


15.5 miles is a little longer than your average commute but definitely doable.

I ride both ways (12 miles one way) 5 days a week. Took me 3 months to go from one day a week to all 5. Now do it without thinking twice.

Depends on your background. I did gyms for years so my base fitness was good.

Take it slowly and work upwards when you've reached each milestone.


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Hello and Welcome to the CC forums Jak. :blush:
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