Hello from Warwickshire.


Hi All.
I bought my first (serious) bike back in '96, a 'Univega Alpina 502' and have used it daily. For ten years a ten mile commute + most w/ends off road, until I got a knee injury a job locally and a 1 mile commute. All of a sudden I'm middle aged and feeling it.
Had a bit of a health scare last year so packed up smoking, gone on the wagon and rebuilt the bike:smile: . Even built my own wheels:eek:.

Started going out for rides in the evenings with my daughter and we have benefitted enormously.

Hmmm, I can feel a road bike coming on. Carrera TDF looks good to start.
I would like to do some longer distances (perhaps 100miles/day) maybe leading to a JoGLE.

Any suggestions for a training programme?
I'm 48, 15st and 5'11''.


Smile a mile bike provider
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