Hello from Yorkshire


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Thought I'd be polite and give a quick intro.

I used to race my BMX as a nippper and have always had a love for cycling so as my years increased and my sparetime decreased I found myself yearning for the pedals even more so I started cycling to work a few days during the week and on a weekend I can be found trekking the moors, woodlands, Dales, Lakes and anywhere that takes my fancy. Usually I have a couple of dogs following me about so I am not hard to recognise.

I have joined here following an incident with a puncture this morning and no puncture repair stuff with me so I thought I would put a suggestion up for anyone who takes the same commuter route as me and see what the response is.

I am not a serious cyclist anymore but enjoy challenging myself and feelign the wind (and insects) in my face all the more.

Look forward to picking your brains on bits and bobs as I am not au fait with all the new bike technologies but I am starting to get a thirst for bits of bikes everywhere, more empty cans of WD-40 than beer and a set of allun keys with all the corners worn off :thumbsup:

Speak to you soon,


Alan Whicker

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Hello. Where in God's Own are you from Hutch?
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