Hello! Mark in mid-England


Returning to cycling after six years too long away from it (work and family!). 52 years old (been told I don't look it), fit (very energetic day job), slim, short, and keen to get back to it when I can (weather-dependent; energy-level dependent too after my day job!).

Engineering background, career in associated technical field (desk job), now doing something a lot different (non-desk job!). Worked in cycle retail and repair almost 25 years ago, but everything is so different now...

OMG, how things have changed. Through-axle hubs. Hollow bottom brackets. USB rechargeable LED lights. Electric bikes! All sorts that I'm not familiar with.

Not looking for road or off-road racing or competitions (too old and too many pains after 50 for that!) Cycling for fun and fitness, and to view our wonderful surroundings.


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Welcome @MSF23 welcome aboard

I think you have come to right place , enjoy your time on the bike


Thank you everyone!

I can't wait to get into cycling properly again, once time allows, once weather allows (rubbish where I am at the moment), and health (not feeling too clever today).

Only a true cyclist knows the "cycling withdrawal" feeling we get. I've got it!


As long as I breathe, I attack.
Have you considered joining a club ?
I dont know your current fitness level but assuming you have a base level of fitness a good club should cater for you , my 2 local clubs both have a variety of rides to suit different levels .

Mrs M

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