Hello, right, now for mountain bike to racing bike.


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Hi I'm new to the cycling forum. Just swapped my really crap asda british eagle tulsa mountain bike, (that had a rubbish average speed with the breaks sticking and the crank arm wobbled it's way off and chewed out the insertion hole in about 9 miles...)

(I used to have a single suspension diamondback MTB which served me well)

I've opted for something pretty expensive for what I'm used to which I know by serious cycling standards is pennies: The Raleigh Pursuit road/racing bike.

I may upgrade the 7 spd. 14-28?T freewheel to a 7 spd. 11 - XX tooth freewheel if I can get my hands on something so rare.

Will also have to get used to clips on the pedal which only look to me like they serve well for falling off the bike at traffic lights etc...

you can tell I'm pretty novice, Just wanted something that is quicker than my bike which takes me about 30 minutes to get from southampton to totton (4 miles) And I'm certainly not unfit I run the 100 metres and throw javelin for hampshire so it's quite frustrating to see 1 billion year old ladies overtaking me with ease on their non-asda bikes haha... Anyway I thought better give some background than just saying "Hi" for no reason.



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I don't know what your budget is but I just got a Genesis Croix de fer on cycle to work scheme, £999 bike for what equats to £8.50 a week.
My 1st ride on it did 4.4 miles in 35 mins and I'm quite unfit, also on pennine hills.

Its a drop handle with tyres that will cope with light off road/path. I'm new to cycling myself and can't comment on other things for comparison, but I'm happy with this bike.

Do a search on here I posted pics.


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Hey guys, I tested out my bike and I'm pretty sure that if a bike-gasm existed, then I had one! (it doesn't actually exist - just to save you guys some time) I averaged 21 mph on a 4.2 mile flat ride to town taking me 12 mins 6 seconds, I think my fit-granny envy has gone! (and I mean fit in a physical sense rather than aesthetic :tongue: )

Just gotta convince my girlfriend to convert to racing bike now because I rode her today and bought my average speed down to 9mph :sad: and she does gym every day.

Steer clear of ASDA bikes is all I can say :smile:

I'm fairly inexperienced in terms of racing bikes so I won't be shelling out £999 , the only difference I find between this and higher models is mainly weight related and a bit of comfort possibly superior brakes, but then again I don't do huge 50 mile rides at a time.

Need to find a decent lock (possibly the Kryptonite fahgettaboudit) and a way of safeguarding my bike against theft because I have a £2.95 cable lock which isn't going to cut it (excuse the pun). Maybe just use the cable lock to hold the quick release wheel...

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