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"Would you ride if it was too windy?" is a bit of an odd question.
Surely, by definition, if you judged it to be too windy to ride, the answer would have to be no.


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I answered yes to both wind and rain questions

Basically I take note of the weather, and change clothes (add spares to pannier), and then even if I think it's too windy or wet I normally set off on my commute but probably wouldn't bother with a non commute journey.


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I was also not sure if "commuting" could be applied to most of my cycling as it is not really commuting.... it is running errands and the school run...

Adjustments at night... yes adding the weehoo one as the littlest does not ride solo at night..


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I read 'too windy' as being so windy I would get blown over. Not because it's harder.
Done. I also thought the same, be then not driving means I rarely have a choice to not commute, just means I don't look forward to riding home or I just ride a direct route, same with heavy rain.

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Do I check the weather?? Well, of course I do, who doesn't??

What if it is too windy?? If there is a right whoore o' a wind comin', ah'll still cycle into it!

If it is raining, then yes, I will cycle in it as I refuse to be branded as a 'Fair Weather Cyclist'

...... What is this survey for??
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