Hello to all from a Carlton nut


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Just thought I'd say hello, visited a few times here and had a good browse. Decided to bite the bullet and join.

Been riding bikes since I was eight. Carlton Cycles has been my first and only cycling love.

I love all sorts of cycling (road and off-road) really and find it a great way of relaxing from what can be sometimes a stressful job!

Aka 'Spokesmann'


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Hello Spokesmann and Welcome to the CC forums. ;)

I don't know much about Carlton bikes I'm afraid - why not "search" the CC archive for threads on them. I'm sure a few owners exist on here. :smile:

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Hi Mike, I very much enjoyed reading your posts and the great photos. I got a Carlton Ten for my 15th birthday, by clearing out my Post Office savings and my Mum made up the difference. I think it cost £50 or £55 in 1976. That bike was left behind when I joined the Army, and my parents quietly disposed of it sometime later. So, when I saw one on eBay advertised as 'factory fresh' I decided to go for it, even though the seller was asking £350! So far I have only had it in my hands for a few minutes, I collected it from Coventry and dropped it off with Terry at Stallion Cycles in Queenborough for a 'reactivation service'. On his advice I decided to buy new nutted 27 x 1 1/4 wheels from SJS and to go for black hoods, bar tape and cable cover instead of the white originals. If that turns out to be a mistake, I will reverse it later. The only things I am looking for are a new front mud guard and 2 or 3 red 'C' nuts to replace the 'R' nuts that seem to have been put on by mistake in the factory! Here is a 'before' photo from ebay; I will post more next month when I collect it.


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Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll pass.
Hello. Welcome to the forum. :welcome:
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