Been on here a couple of weeks now, originally signed up after my bike was stolen in an attempt to get the word out. Fortunately the guy was arrested who took it but the bike was lost, still gave me an excuse to buy another one.

Been into road cycling for 2 years really, after my dad did a ride for H4H's to Dunkirk said id do it with him next year and cycled from Portsmouth to Paris and its safe to say ive well and truly got the bug. Visited Paris for the final stage of the Tour de France for the last 2 years and been lucky enough to see Cav winning green and then of course Bradley winning yellow this year.

Also have abit of a cycling blog called letetedelacourse looking to get into that more in the next few months, at the moment just posting some cycling photography i like the look of and some of my own photos as well.

Anywho thats enough waffling for now, look forward to spending more time here :smile:

Pat "5mph"

A kilogrammicaly challenged woman
:welcome: Jon!
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