Paul Burke

Hello everyone.

My name is Paul and after checking out a couple of forums I decided this would be the one I would register for.

I used to cycle a lot in my teens and really got into timing myself on short sprints locally, then I started to go on solo runs, up to 40 miles at a time and loved every pedal of it. I was lean, and fit back then.

One thing led to another and kids came, so did some weight, then some more weight, and now I am where I am... looking to get back into cycling and have many questions (there was no such thing as the internet when I first started cycling let alone forums).

Currently I own a Raleigh manta ray MTB which I picked up cheapish locally, i have adjusted the brakes and a few other bits myself and this will do me initially until I ultimately get a road bike which I 'think' is where my passion will lie.


Welcome to CycleChat Paul. :hello:

Feel free to get stuck in with any questions you have about riding, bikes and kit - they're a friendly bunch here and always happy to help.

Shaun :biggrin:


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Welcome from the south side of the city.

Road bike sounds like a good option. I bought a road bike 5 years ago, and now have a new hobby.
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