Helmet cam action camera for Mountain bike or road

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    Well, here are my conclusions on the helmet camera and bicycle based camera:
    the Adrenaline Systems Bike Cam and the Oregon Scientific sd Camera.

    (Check out my original post towards the bottom)

    1. The adrenaline systems bike head kit comes with a 580 tvl Sony HAD ccd exview camera; it contains an image stabilization chip which moderates some of the jolts you will experience during riding. Also included is their extreme sound stereo microphone. All the mounts you will need are included: There is a helmet mount which can be mounted on a vented helmet.It also comes with a neat handlebar mounts which allows for mounting on my handlebar as well as my seat tube.
    Connections are simple and easy. I was able to connect to my camcorder in no time. I first mounted the camera on my helmet with the microphone next to my backpack.
    The next mounting places where my handlebar and downtube. With the resulting footage I was able to compose a very cool video which got plenty of kudos.
    The image quality is great with stereo sound which few of the other sellers actually offer. Image stabilization was noticeable. This is a big plus!

    Overall this helmet camera kit is a definite keeper. I have used it on my downhill rig as well as plain mountain biking. It works great and can take the hits and jolts very well.

    The model I purchased you can find at:


    They also have another model which I think would be great for competition such as downhill racing:


    2. The Oregon Scientific atc2k camera comes with mounts ans is pretty self contained. It is easy to handle but a bit on the bulky side. I mounted it first on my helmet.
    I felt a bit on the heavy side. Next I mounted it on my handlebar. The mounts are on the clunky side but passable. The unit has a self contained recorder. It dumps footage to an SD card.
    After a few test runs, I reviewed the footage. I must say it is a far cry from the adrenaline systems set up. The quality is more suited for YouTube but nothing to use if you want to caputure good quality imagery. Also, the images whera a bit jittery and unstable at times.

    I did like that you did not have to hook it up to a recording device.

    This unit you can check out at:


    All in all, if you want a solid, decent bike / helmet camera go with the adrenaline systems Bike Head or even graduate to their Dirt Bike sport cam.

    The oregon scientific is at best a YouTube took and at worst a toy.

    Hope this helps you all in making better bike video!

    Drop me a note if you need any further help...


    I am currently looking for a good helmet camera for picking up footage on my rides. I hear Adrenaline Systems make a good system.
    I would like to mount it to my frame or helmet. Any suggestions? I am currently testing one system out and hope it works out but let's see how it works out
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    Upgrade and report back.

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    Hmmm indeed. You don't happen to work for.....:thumbsdown:
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    Can't you get these from wiggle too? Only problem is, there is the added weight of carrying around a camcorder.....considering the possibility you could get knocked off à la Bollo, I wouldn't want to carry round one of those to get broken too!!

    Magnatom...has anybody called your footage 'junk' before?!? :evil:
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    top first post

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    Ah yes just this is what I need for my commute...
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