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So just been looking at the latest helmet cameras. Would really like one to use when out mountain biking but also for when out on my road bike. But there seems to be allsorts out there with mixed and varied battery life.. ideally want something with between 3-4 hours battery life..
Any help or advice would be great...


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1 Budget ?
2 Don't buy the MD80s or clones if you want 3-4 hours. The veho devices have 2-3 hours specified max. Any longer and you're moving into prices over £100
3 Any device that uses memory cards will probably require you split the 3 hours into multiple files as there will be a 4GB limit per file and the veho devices quote 90 minutes on a 2gb card
so 3 hours would be borderline on the 4GB limit.


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My ContourHD can do 3 hours on one battery. great thing about it is you can replace the battery with a new one if it does run out.
Has any one used the cheaper Drift and if so whats it like? I dont need HD,as I only intend to use it for stills and short shots that will be displayed on the computer. and while I am asking for help, I have a Cateye rear light that was left for a couple of years and the batteries erroded slightly. After cleaning up the battery compartment and putting in Duracell's, the light is working in the house but it starts very, very dim then after five minutes it seems to reach full powerand the longer it is on the brighter it gets. As I will be rideing in the dark this winter I am wondering if I should replace the unit.
Not really a helmet cam but nice to see Oregon Scientific are getting back in the game!


As for my advice on cams. If you want quality footage and long batteries then get the Contour1080. The GoPro is pretty close though a little more oddly shaped for a helmet cam
It looks about the same size as the brick ATC5K, its features are pretty cool though.
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