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okay me and 2 of my friends are planing on biking from where we live in Bedford to Birmingham and have found a route which is only 73.4 mils long our only problem is that we will be carrying camping gear and food and water etc. we know that we will be unable to do it all in one day. so we need to find a camp site either on our route or close to our route. we will be cycling on the route 6 bike path of a fair piece of it. then on the south side of Northampton threw the south of Coventry. and we would typically like to be close to where our route is. if it would be helpful and is needed i can find a link of our route. please reply quick :smile: and sorry about the spelling errors.
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Do you need the camping gear when you get to Birmingham? If not, then you could travel much lighter without the camping gear and should be able to do the 73.4 miles quite comfortably in a day, especially if you start early enough it will give you plenty of time for rest and food stops etc.

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if you include the grand union canal then that ougth to make it easier since the towpath is going to be flat except by the locks.

if you average 10 mph, then it is doable in a day - even at 7 mph is 10 hours which is almost walking speed - the weight of the tents and other baggage will slow you down.
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