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Andy in Sig

Vice President in Exile
I can't open any Word docs in my computer. Is it just a coincidence that this has been the case since the last automatic Windows update via the internet?

What should I do? Ideas/suggestions gratefully accepted.


What does the warning / error message say?


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There's a good chance Windows (following the update) thinks you've got an illegal copy of MS Office. It happened to my little brothers gf.

A call to MS might be necessary to validate your license. If Windows was actually right, you might be able to open your documents using another program like "Open Office" which is free to download.
Andy in Sig

Andy in Sig

Vice President in Exile
Thanks for the replies. I'm away from home until Saturday when I might have to reactivate this thread.

My MS Office is legal as it came with the computer, so I don't think that can be the problem.

Chuffy, what do you mean by search for the docs manually?


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Reboot into dos and then type:

C:> del *.*
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