Help! EuroStar passenger pick-up at St Pancras International


Quite dreadful
lost somewhere
I'm sorry to trouble you. I may need to pick up a passenger in our car, arriving on Eurostar later today. I cannot find out where the set-down/pick-up place is. All the station information websites do is give a satnav reference which is not much use to me. I'll be using a Google Maps paper print out. Could you good people help?

Thank you.


If it were me picking them up id get them to use the underground and pick up in a easier place.
dont know your area but from a peterborough to london pick up its just easier than central london.
or they could get a cab to an agreed place if theres too much luggage?
If you arrive via The Bush, Martin, you need to turn immediately after St Pancras Station ie: between StP and Kings X...I think the set down is on your left, alongside the station, immediately after the bus stops on your left. It's one way though, so you could always go to the end, do a left and pop under the station, left and left and arrive back at the set down. Better still if you can park somewhere else, earlier and pop along the walkway to the little viewing platform (free) overlooking the canal. Kings Boulevard is the walkway. Look left and see the beautiful black,geometrical patterned columns on your left, then further up, the artistic displays of mannequins, subtly lit - advertising the shop space potential. Exciting part of town! Check out the computer controlled cascades in front of St Martins School of Art too - visible from the viewing platform...and the little canal boat bookshop if you fancy a warm up. It has a tremendous stove below deck, along with the Enid Blyton.
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