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  1. Papaformigas

    Papaformigas New Member

    Hi I a looking for advice to buy an electric bike.

    I am school teacher that every month is placed for work in a different school. These schools are in an island and the main board can place me in whatever school they want. Sometimes they place me in the area I live but sometimes can be a school that is about 30-40km from my house.

    That said I was recommend to by a car. Instead I think I can make my part to make planet better place to live withou polution and buy an electric bike and avoid costs and petrol as all car costs.

    The geography here is a mixed of plane roads and moderate to high hills roads so the bike would need to have a good motor strong to help me while am biking. Some roads are plane with normal pavement but the majority are with lots of rocks put together such as the Roman empire roads.

    I have been searching some kind of electric bike that would sort me out but as I am entering in the bike world there are more doubts than correct answers and that's why I came to this forum trying to find help.

    I saw some possible bikes that fold so that I can take it to school as here there are too many bike burglors. So the bike would need to fold and not heavy so I could go up and down school stairs.

    I saw these brands:
    - Freego EM-14
    - Kwikfold Xite2 and 3
    - A-Bike
    - Strida
    - Bwin Hoptown 500

    But apart from the A bike all of them are a bit heavy...

    Would appreciate your help me finding the best bike..

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  2. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    @Pale Rider

    Not sure what country @Papaformigas is in
  3. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    The A bike and Strida are unusual in having very small wheels which I doubt would be suitable for the proposed journeys.

    A folding ebike with bigger wheels - typically 16-20 inches - would do the job, but the fold is not very neat and such a bike would still weigh close to 20kg.

    They are unwieldy lumps, really only suitable for lifting in and out of the back of a car.

    Not sure where the OP is, but the neatest cheap folder available from a UK supplier is probably a woosh Gallego.

    It should do the journeys, although humping it up more than a few stairs would be difficult.

    The Freego linked below is also fairly compact - for a folding ebike - having an internal battery like the woosh, but the pic of it folded indicates it wouldn't be easy to manhandle.
  4. OP

    Papaformigas New Member

    How about the Kwikfold bikes? I read good reviews but it's 20kg...

    I am seeing that this will be a difficult task because all bikes have 16kg or more and are heavy to carry.

    Any alternatives?
  5. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    The Kwikfold wheels look too small to me to be usable over anything more than a few miles.

    No easy answer to the weight problem.

    Motors and batteries are made of heavy metal.

    A folding bike will weight about 12kg, a motor 2-3kg, battery the same.

    Add a controller and some wiring, and the total will be close to 20kg.

    The Gtech rigid ebike is a bit lighter being single speed, with a small battery and small motor, all of which saves on weight.
  6. OP

    Papaformigas New Member

    The problem is finding a fold bike with about 10-14Kg... It is not easy...

    The Brompton electric weights also like 20Kg? .. but it is very expensive ...
  7. Cuchilo

    Cuchilo Prize winning member X2

    The distance may sound alot to you but give it a go . It gets very easy after a while :okay:
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  8. OP

    Papaformigas New Member

    I am as still in doubt of what kind of bike I need to buy.

    I need a bike that:

    - be light weight to go up and down to a my flat (a 3 floor flat) everyday.

    - to go to work 30-40 km one way or 60-80km Monday to Friday.

    - To go many times up and down various stairs in the school and to.move around classrooms.

    What kind of e-Bike you recommend... Am totally confused by now because there are so much bike models....

    Some of my friends are trying to move my idea from buying and buy instead a cheap car because the school is too far, theres always bad weather (rain), etc...

    Buy I still want a bike!
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