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Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by Gurnardboy, 5 Aug 2012.

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    My wife had a nasty fall from her bike some years ago and despite wearing a (standard style) helmet suffered facial injuries including the loss of her 2 front teeth. As a consequence she was very nervous about getting back on a bike. We initially solved this by utilising a full face (bmx style) helmet and my wife riding on the rear of our tandem. As her confidence has returned, she is now back onto a solo bike but has found the lack of visibility quite awkward, even dangerous (obviously this was not a problem on the tandem). ​
    I have searched for a solution to this problem (face protection vs visibility) to no avail - can anyone out there advise me.​
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    Helmets are a personal choice and this is one for you and your wife.

    There are all sorts, some are sports helmets with smaller profiles, some are BMX / commuting with lower backs to protect the base of the skull, and of course full face helmets to protect the face (as promoted by the British Dental Association).

    All have their limitations... and for full face helmets this is rear visibility.

    Recumbents can also have rear visibility problems - which is within my experience.

    My only suggestion is the use of a good mirror such as the "Mirrycle" for routine surveillance, but note that it does NOT replace a final look before maneouvering
  3. Cubist

    Cubist Still wavin' Moderator

    Ovver 'thill
    It's an agressive looking thing, but how about a MET parachute?
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  4. OP

    Gurnardboy New Member

    Quite. Thanks for your reply.
  5. OP

    Gurnardboy New Member

    Thank you - we like the look of this and will investigate further.
  6. Realistically, she could have suffered the same injury by tripping over a paving slab, or a small dog. Just put it down to bad luck and move on. Buying an expensive, over-engineered and largely ineffective full-face lid in the expectation of the same thing happening again is not the way forward, in my opinion.
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