Help Jessi get an eBike


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I am raising money for my leg amputated partner, who would love to be able to cycle more regularly as well as go on longer bicycle holidays in the future.
She's on a rather low wage and it will take her a couple of years before she can finance this on her own, so I thought I'd help out myself but also reach out to the cycle community.

Jessi is altruistic, caring and the most generous person I have ever met. She has a way with people that just opens doors, no matter who you are or what your background is, she brings joy to people wherever she goes. I am so fortunate to share my life with her.

Some years ago, before I met her, Jessi was in a work-related accident. She was working overtime at a shoe company with a high degree of pressure from the management. Due to very unfortunate events she accidentally got her foot stuck in a machine meant for compressing waste products. If it wasn't for a janitor close by who heard her, and managed to pull her out, she would not be around today.

If you can, I would be ever grateful if you would want to help out
And of course, if you find this thread unsuitable for these forums, I apologise in advance.

With kindness

Rickshaw Phil

Overconfidentii Vulgaris
A note from the mods.

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Thanks for your comment Phil and taking responsibility to counter possible scams! I see how this might stir up some unhelpful emotions, which was not my intention at all with this fundraiser. If anyone does feel offended please do get in touch and I will delete this post.

I can guarantee that my intentions are true here, the bike is not intended for myself as I am completely healthy and doing great on my own normal road bike.

At the end of the day, hope you're all doing well despite the lockdown. Ride safely /V
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